How To Increase Donations By Up To 40%

Increasing donation support is key to the growth or even survival of every charity or not for profit. Combining a sustainable fundraising scheme like Give While You Save with a strong marketing strategy can increase short-term and long-term financial support.

Most people worry that a newsletter may be seen as spam and have a negative effect on their charity, however research shows that newsletter can increase donations by as much as 40%.

The trick is to know when you need to start utilising newsletters, as they do take up time and knowing what kind of content will keep your supporters reading!

When to Introduce Newsletters For Your Charity

Your website is key to online donations so initially concentrate your efforts on increasing traffic to your website and building up your mailing lists.

You must track how many regular visitors you are getting to your website and how many weekly sign ups you are gaining in your mailing list.

To get accurate figures, set up a free Google Analytics Account and follow these beginner instructions to set up tracking on your website.

Once you find that you have regular visitors and have begun to build a mailing list you will be ready to start your newsletter.

It is also worth taking a look at your website and visitor data to see if any of the following is true for you. If it is, then start a newsletter today!

  • A decrease in customer traffic to your website.
  • Traffic is there but customers are not buying from your site.
  • Customers are not leaving feedback.
  • You have information that is out of date.
  • Not enough information is shown on your website.
  • If you notice any of these issues on your website it may be time to consider investing in an email newsletter.


Benefits of an Email Newsletter


An email newsletter is a way to keep in touch with existing supporters and help them return to your site time and time again. There is a small cost and some platforms like Mailchimp offer a free version. The main cost involved in creating an email newsletter is time but the benefits make this a viable option for any charity. The benefits of keeping an email newsletter include:

  • Keeping in touch with supporters.
  • Keeps supporters informed of new events, products or services.
  • Reaches more customers than a paper newsletters or leaflet.
  • Your marketing is very targeted.
  • All emails are tracked so you can see the success and results of every newsletter that is sent.

The benefits of an email newsletter become clear, the more people you are able to reach, the more supporters and fundraisers will keep returning to your charity. This however is only effective with the right information included in the newsletter.


What to Put In Your Newsletter

An email newsletter is the ideal place to let your supporters know what your charity is up to and to keep your supporters to support you time and time again. Some great content ideas include:

  1. Updates about Your Organisation.
  2. Donor Highlights.
  3. Volunteer Profiles.
  4. Stories of Impact.
  5. Case Studies.
  6. News Updates.
  7. Blog Posts.
  8. Your Upcoming Events.
  9. Relevant Community Events.

An email newsletter is an ideal way to reach your supporters and show them why they should continue to support your charity. By using email you can ensure that your fundraisers receive the information rather than leaving them to discover it by chance. Email newsletters also provide a more personal touch showing that you care about your supporters, volunteers and achieving your charitable aims.