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Give While You Save On Your
Business Energy.

Save Money. Raise Funds.
Support Your Favourite Cause.

Switch Your Business Energy, Keep the Savings, Give Our Commissions to a Charity of Your Choice.

Give while you Save is a not for profit fundraising scheme, where we use the switching of energy as a way to raise funds for your chosen charities.

Comparison websites and energy brokers are paid commissions from suppliers, its standard in the industry. We simply take those commissions and turn them into funds for charities.

Choose the charity you would like to support, build a long-term relationship with one charity or raise funds for multiple charities by having a charity of the year.

Win/Win Fundraising

Most businesses have been caught out by a bad energy deal or two, that’s why Give While You Save uses the energy broker model. Your business can utilise our energy team to save money on energy and keep all the savings made all at no cost. When we are paid the commissions, we keep some to run the scheme and give up to 80% to a charity of your choice.

  • No-cost fundraising scheme.
  • You keep all your savings.
  • Raise funds with every renewal.
  • Funds raised shown during quoting.
  • Bulk buying power.
  • Access lowest prices.

  • Choose Your Charity/Not for Profit.
  • Contribute to CSR.
  • Great marketing and PR.
  • Compare the whole of the market.
  • Full account management.
  • Regular updates on how funds are used.

Set Up A Business Fundraising Scheme

Raise additional funds for your chosen charity by telling your customers and employees about Give While You Save. They keep the money they have saved on their home & business energy, which makes you look great and you both get the kudos of raising funds for a good cause.

At the end of each year, your business will have a running total of the £1000’s you have saved your customers & employees AND the £1000’s you have raised for your local community, differentiating you from all of your competitors.

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Why Choose Give While You Save

  • Overview
  • Business Benefits
  • Raise Additional Funds

No Cost Business Fundraising

Save money while raising funds for local causes

  • Save up to 60% on energy bills & keep all the money you save, including renewals which raise additional funds for your cause.
  • See directly how the funds you have raised have been used and the impact they have had via our impact reporting software “KindLink”.
  • Create great marketing and social content stories that can be easily shared from our “KindLink” system.
  • Make a real difference to your local community and embed yourself into your local area.
  • Access to free marketing material and new content added regularly.

  • Choose the cause you want to support, with the option to change your cause at a later date.
  • No cost to set up or run any business fundraising schemes.
  • All funds can be contributed to your Corporate Social Responsibly (CSR) efforts.
  • Engage customers & employees with your schemes to maximise your fundraising and differentiate yourself from your competition.

Funds Tracking Included

See How Your Funds Are Making A Difference

  • Showcase to employees and customers the initiatives which your business supports.
  • Promote the stories of kindness your team creates. Share real impact posts from the charities you support.
  • Get ongoing, genuine content for your social media channels.
  • Receive real-time updates of the impact you and your team help achieve.
  • Save time with our automatic reporting of Input, Output and Impact data you have generated.

  • Build your CSR report with data and stories in an easy way.
  • Attract, retain and develop the best talent by giving them their own place to do good.
  • Help them build their skills through volunteering while creating a kind company culture.
  • Show to your recruits a dynamic, transparent and social community profile.

Tell Your Customers & Employees About Give While You Save

Raise additional funds for your chosen charity

  • Receive dedicated fundraising page on our Give While You Save Website showing your business logo, the cause you are supporting and why they are fundraising.
  • Free one-off or regular strategy meetings with our fundraising support team, either face-2-face or online.
  • Receive custom designed flyers, posters and pop up banners all branded with your and your chosen causes logos.
  • Access email & letter templates that are designed to maximise your use of time and increase funds raised.

  • Social media images and text ready to ‘copy & paste’ into your social media channels.
  • Receive regular tips and advice from our fundraising support team
  • Embed your fundraising schemes and funds you have raised into your website to ensure all customers, existing and new know about your contribution to your local community.

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How is money raised for the cause I support?

When you business energy contracts we are paid a commission from the new suppliers…this is how all energy broker make their money. The only difference is that we give that money to amazing local charities and not for profits to help support our local communities.

Am I paying extra to support a cause?

No not at all! We are a not for profit so we focus on your profits, not ours! The aim for the Give While You Save Scheme is for it to become a sustainable way of fundraising for UK Charities & Not for Profits…that will only happen if businesses want to keep using the service, and a big part of that is competitive pricing.

How do I know the money I raise is going to my charity?

You can only get a business energy quote once you have chosen a cause to support. Which enables us to track when not only which cause you are supporting but also when you can accept your new deal.

How much can I save by switching energy suppliers?

Savings are calculated in comparison to renewal pricing, which means you could easily save up to 60%. You may find that the amount you pay for your new contract, is more than you were paying for your old contract, as energy is an ever-rising market.

Your true saving will be dependent on many factors. The best thing to do is choose a cause to support then find out for yourself 🙂

How does switching business energy actually work?

A member of the Give While You Save team will take you through the process. All you need to do is arrange a callback.

During the call, we will ask some basic information about your current energy suppliers and your future business energy needs.

We will then compare the whole of the market to find the best deals for your needs along with the money you will raise for your chosen cause.

If you would like to switch, we will complete the full switch on your behalf, saving you the time and hassle.

What information do I need to switch my business energy supplier?

All the information you need is on your business energy bills:

– Supplier name

– Tariff name

– Energy consumption – either in kWh (kilowatt hours) or pounds

– Whether your bills are paid monthly or quarterly

We will ask you to send us a copy of your latest bills so you are not expected to find any of this information, the Give While You Save Team will do it for you.

I rent, can I switch business energy?

If you pay the supplier for your gas and electricity then yes you can switch your business energy.

Your landlord may have a preferred supplier but you have the right to choose your own suppliers and your best deal.

We recommended switching as soon as you move into your new premises.

Find A Cause To Support & Get A Business Energy Quote Today!

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