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Grow Your Business With Fundraising

The Give while You Save Business Fundraising scheme is an effective, no-cost way to fundraise for local charities while proactively saving your customers & employees money.

Your customers & employees keep the money they have saved, which makes you look great and you both get the kudos of raising funds for a good cause.

At the end of each year, your business will have a running total of the £1000’s you have saved your customers & employees AND the £1000’s you have raised for your local community, differentiating you from all of your competitors.

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Ideal fundraising scheme for

  • Accountants.
  • Insurance Brokers.
  • Energy Saving Specialists.
  • Housing Groups.
  • Electricians.
  • Business & Charity Consultants.

  • Letting Agents.
  • Mortgage Advisors.
  • Telecoms Specialists.
  • Plumber & Heating.
  • IT Company.
  • Many More.


Customers and employees love to be associated with businesses that support charities and not for profits, especially if they are local to the area. It has even been shown that when choosing between two businesses, 82% will choose the business that raises funds for good local causes.

While fundraising can attract new customers and help with recruitment, it can also be significant in creating loyalty to your brand.

The Give While You Save Business scheme works by doing something positive for your customers and employees (saving them money) while raising funds for your chosen charity.

Key for your business is that you are not asking for donations, time or effort – it benefits everyone involved.

Why Fundraise With Give While You Save

Money in the right pockets

Give While You Save helps your business, customers & employees save money on their energy bills, keeping money in their pockets rather than the profits of energy companies.

Thank your heroes

Our fundraising engagement software “KindLink” allow your business to easily track how much funds your business, customers & employees have raised. KindLink enables you to easily thank them and share their success on social media and your website.

You have the power

Either choose a business wide charity or allow your employees to vote for their chosen charity, increasing employee enjoyment.

Save and raise annually

Renewals generate new savings and raise additional funds, meaning your business will benefit from a scheme that will generate new funds every year for your chosen cause.

Give your business a voice

All funds raised can be attributed to your business, which creates great marketing & PR, builds strong relationships with the local community, increasing brand awareness & sales as well as contributing towards your Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).

Your Business Fundraising Page

With the support of our fundraising team, setting up your business fundraising page is quick and easy and will become the hub of your fundraising activities.

Simply select your chosen charity or let your customers and employees choose for you. Once they switch their home or business energy, your totals raised will be automatically updated.

You will have full control of your fundraising page which can include your logo, business name and fundraising goals. To help increase support of your Business Fundraising Scheme, your chosen charity will be clearly displayed along with key information about their charity and  how the funds raised will impact their organisation.

Share your impact to build your brand

Thanks to our free charity platform (KindLink), every time your customers and employees switch their energy both you and the charity will be notified. KindLink will also auto-generate content that you can easily share on with your followers with a click of a button.

Your charity can also create stories and content, demonstrating how the funds raised through your business fundraising scheme have been used.

You can then quickly and easily share these on social media and your website within seconds, choosing which content to share with your customers and employees.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

All the funds raised by your customers through your Give While You Save scheme can be directly contributed to your businesses CSR activities, giving additional benefit to saving customers money.

Give while You Save also streamlines the impact reporting of your sustainability and charitable activities. Create impact reports in seconds with KindLink, a leading CSR reporting system, included with all Give while You Save fundraising schemes.

Why Set Up a Give While You Save Fundraising Scheme

  • Overview
  • Financial Tracking
  • Fundraising Support

Raise Funds & Boost Your Business

Raise more funds for your charity while benefiting your customers and employees

  • Tell your customers and your employees about your scheme to raise additional funds for your charity.
  • Proactively save money for your customers, building loyalty to your business.
  • Engage your employees, build a team spirit while saving them money on their energy bills.
  • Have the freedom to change your charity and support a cause that means the most to you.
  • Access to free marketing material and new content added regularly.

  • We track all money saved for customers which you can use as a USP. Customers always love it when you save them money!
  • All funds raised by customers and employees can be attributed to your business, creating great marketing stories.
  • See directly how the funds you have raised have been used and the impact they have had via our impact reporting software “KindLink”.
  • All funds can be contributed to your Corporate Social Responsibly (CSR) efforts.
  • Create great marketing and social content stories that can be easily shared from our “KindLink” system.

Funds Tracking Included

See How Your Funds Are Making A Difference

  • Showcase to employees and customers the initiatives which your business supports.
  • Promote the stories of kindness your team creates. Share real impact posts from the charities you support.
  • Get ongoing, genuine content for your social media channels.
  • Receive real-time updates of the impact you and your team help achieve.
  • Save time with our automatic reporting of Input, Output and Impact data you have generated.

  • Build your CSR report with data and stories in an easy way.
  • Attract, retain and develop the best talent by giving them their own place to do good.
  • Help them build their skills through volunteering while creating a kind company culture.
  • Show to your recruits a dynamic, transparent and social community profile.

Maximise Your Fundraising Efforts

All the support you to benefit from fundraising

  • Free one-off or regular strategy meetings with our fundraising support team, either face-2-face or online.
  • Receive dedicated fundraising page on our Give While You Save Website showing your business logo, the cause you are supporting and why they are fundraising.
  • Receive custom designed flyers, posters and pop up banners all branded with your and your chosen causes logos.
  • Access email & letter templates that are designed to maximise your use of time and increase funds raised.

  • Social media images and text ready to ‘copy & paste’ into your social media channels.
  • Receive regular tips and advice from our fundraising support team
  • Embed your fundraising schemes and funds you have raised into your website to ensure all customers, existing and new know about your contribution to your local community.

Set Up a Business Fundraising Scheme With Give While You Save

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