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High core running costs, staff, marketing & equipment as well as all of the other costs of achieving your charitable aims means that many charities don’t have the financial support they need.

Charities throughout the country know the pain of having to find funds every year, whether it is from donors, fundraisers or businesses. It can be a strain to rely on the same people and difficult to find new supporters that will raise funds for your cause.

Having an effective and sustainable fundraising scheme generates annual funds to support your charity and makes fundraising easier, time efficient and cost effective.

As funds are generated by your business sponsors, supporters & staff switching their home or business energy, there is no cost to support your charity. In fact, they can save money on their energy bills as well as generating funds for your club.

If your charity has a premise that has an energy cost, you could use your own scheme to save money on energy bills and generate funds for your own cause.

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Is Your Charity or Not for Profit Eligible?

Give While You Save’s sustainable fundraising scheme is available to any registered charities or not for profit in Great Britain. Some of these organisations include but are not limited to:

Animal Charities

Children’s Charities

Medical Research

Mental Health Charities

Hospices & Elderly Care

Education Charities

Environmental Charities

Museums & Art Galleries

If you are not sure if you are eligible and would like to join, give us a call on 0191 303 9405 or email

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Raising Funds With Give While You Save

Give While You Save is a fundraising scheme that sits beside your other fundraising strategies.

To support your organisation and maximise the funds raised, we provide you will a range of fundraising support.

      • A one-off or regular fundraising strategy meetings with our fundraising support team (online or face to face)
      • A dedicated fundraising page on our Give While You Save Website where your supporters can raise funds for your charity.
      • Custom design flyers, posters and pop up banners which will help you find and engage with supporters.
      • Email & Letter Templates.
      • Fundraising Tips and advice document/training.
      • Branded Website banners.
      • Regular fundraising webinars.
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There is no cost for setting up a fundraising scheme with Give While You Save & all support given is free, both to you and your supporters.

The only thing we ask is that you utilise the advice, marketing material and support to maximise the funds you can raise for your charity or not for profit.

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